Representative Louie Gohmert
1st Congressional District of Texas

Congressman Gohmert and his staff (especially Justin Tanner) were instrumental in arranging our White House  and the Capitol Building tour.  Even though Representative Gohmert  was involved in an active session, he took the time to give our small group a personal tour of the Capitol, complete with a demonstrations of the acoustics of the dome room and colorful historical anecdotes about each section of the building.  While the web author disagrees strongly with Representative Gohmert's political views, he does demonstrate the highest integrity in respecting the views of all of his constituents, both Republican and Democrat.

If one wants to visit the White House and obtain a congressional tour of the Capitol, planning must begin months in advance by contacting your local U.S. Congressman's office.  Request the forms for a tour of the White House and Capitol.   Without assistance from your congressman you will not be able to visit the interior of the White House. While you will still be able to see the inside of the Capitol without your congressman's assistance, you will have to wait in long lines.


Capitol Balcony


Speaker's Office

Dome Room

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