Peterson House
The House where Lincoln Died


After Lincoln was mortally wounded at Ford's Theatre, the doctors had him carried out into the street, where a boarder standing in the open doorway of his rooming house across the street, gestured for them to bring the president inside. Thus, Lincoln died in the home of William Petersen, a German-born tailor. Today, the dark, narrow town house looks much as it did on that fateful night.  You'll see the front parlor where Mary Todd Lincoln spent the night with her son, Robert. In the back parlor, Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton questioned witnesses and announced on April 15, "Now he belongs to the ages." Lincoln died, lying diagonally because he was so tall, on a bed the size of the one you see here. In 1896, the government bought the house for $30,000 and it is now maintained by the National Park Service.

Death Bed Bedroom Parlor Newspaper
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