World War II Memorial

This Memorial is dedicated to Americans who served and died in World War II.  It opened to the public in 2004.  It’s an oval shape with two 43-foot arches, representing the Atlantic and Pacific theaters.  Fifty-six pillars represent the states, territories and the District of Columbia at the time of the war.  Two sculpted bronze wreaths adorn each pillar. Small fountains sit at the bases of the two arches.  Waterfalls surround a wall of 4,000 gold stars, each one represents 100 U.S. deaths in the war.   A circular garden, called the "Circle of Remembrance," is enclosed by a two-foot-high stone wall.  There was much controversy over the original design of this memorial because it would have destroyed the “sight-line” from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial.  It was re-designed on a smaller scale and sunken below ground.   


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